What is Cityscoot?


Shared mobility, zero emissions

Cityscoot is the first service that offers full access to electric scooters throughout Paris, providing everyone a smooth, seamless way of traveling in the city. Using Cityscoot is also a great way to show you love your town, by reducing congestion and noise while getting out in the fresh air.

A scooter when you want it, with no obligations

There’s no need for a subscription to use Cityscoot—you pay only when you ride. Use it daily to shorten your commute, or just grab one when you feel like it!


It’s all on your smartphone

In one glance, find a nearby scooter available.
In one instant, select it and book it.
In one second, unlock it with the code provided.
In one click, park it and end your rental!


No keys, no cards, no charge points

Cityscoot’s innovative booking system is completely connected and integrated, so there are no keys to carry, no cards to lose, and no booking or recharge terminals to search for. All you need is the 4-digit PIN provided by the app and you’re ready to roll!

To end your rental, just park the scooter in any public space authorized for motorized two-wheelers anywhere in the Cityscoot Zone.

An electric scooter that’s always charged up

Cityscoot takes care of its own charging, so every scooter is ready to go. All you have to do is book and ride.

A scooter that’s a joy to ride

Cityscoot scooters are in the L1E category (equivalent to a 50cc petrol engine), with speed limited to a city-friendly 45 km/h. Fully-electric means no clutch and no abrupt starts or jolts. And thanks to its low center of gravity and smooth torque delivery, Cityscoot is easy to handle, with a silent, serene driving experience unlike anything you’ve tried. Made here in the EU, the Cityscoot is a standard-bearer of security and reliability.

A helmet that’s ready to wear

A safety-approved helmet is underneath the saddle, at your disposal. Easily adjustable, it fits most head sizes and comes with a single-use hygiene cap. If you brought your own helmet, you’re free to use that instead!

Gloves for safety

Cityscoot recommends wearing approved protective gloves. Just like a helmet, it’s a standard part of safe riding that quickly becomes second nature. Learn more (french).

You’re covered by a comprehensive insurance plan

Drive with confidence! During every rental, our partners at Allianz insure you against all risks, until the moment you end your ride. Coverage is included in the rental price, and you’re automatically subscribed as soon as you book—there’s nothing more to do! In the event of an accident or dead battery, you’re also covered by roadside assistance from Mondial Assistance France.

Be aware that Cityscoot is designed for single riders only, so it’s forbidden to carry passengers (even if they have their own helmet).


Pay per Use

No subscription, no commitment. Cityscoot rentals are charged by the minute, with no minimum time requirement.

All-inclusive rates, as little as 0,20€/min

CityMoover seul

This the basic anytime price, available as soon as you register. You’ll pay 0,28€/min, including insurance and taxes, starting the first minute.


If you plan to ride regularly, go for a CityRider pack! By buying minutes in advance, you can take advantage of special reduced rates.

Two packs are available:

CityRider100: 100 minutes for 25€, including insurance and taxes (that’s 0,25€/min)
CityRider500: 500 minutes for 100€, including insurance and taxes (that’s 0,20€/min)

You can buy and hold onto as many packs as you like, and the minutes never expire. You can keep riding if you use up all the minutes in your pack, but the CityMoover rate will apply.


The Cityscoot Zone

Right now, the Cityscoot Zone covers all of Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Levallois-Perret, Boulogne-Billancourt and Issy-les-Moulineaux. You can rent and then park your scooter anywhere in that area, in any public parking space that’s authorized for motorized two-wheelers.

During your rental, you’re free to drive (and stop) anywhere you like, even outside the Cityscoot Zone. Just be sure you finish up back inside the zone.

In september 2017, there are more than 1500 Cityscoot scooters already on the road and ready to rent. By 2018, this number will increase to 2000. Keep an eye on this space, as the number is sure to keep growing!


7 days a week, from 7AM to Midnight

You can rent a Cityscoot any day of the week, between 7AM and 12AM. At other times, scooters are unavailable, so we can ensure the best possible maintenance, safety, and quality of service when you do ride.


Minimum age requirements

Cityscoot registration is available to every adult person (18+).


Driving license

If you were born before 1st January, 1988: no license is required.

If you were born on or after 1st January, 1988: you must hold a valid French- or EU-issued driving license, category A, A1, A2, B or BSR (or AM).

Scooter or motorcycle experience

If you don’t have any experience riding a motorized two-wheeler in an urban setting, we strongly recommend you take advantage of one of our free initiation sessions. These are conducted by qualified professional instructors from one of our partner driving schools, and help ensure your safety and comfort when you’re riding on a Cityscoot.