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How to benefit from the loyalty bonus?

To benefit from the loyalty bonus, you just have to ride! The minutes driven will be automatically counted at the end of each ride. Please note that not all minutes are counted: 


  • Are included: The minutes billed per unit at the current rate and the minutes debited from a CityRider pack are counted.


  • Are not included: The minutes offered as a result of a promotional code, a referral code, a commercial gesture or the loyalty program of the previous month, and as well minutes refunded or credited after a rental.


If you have reached a specific level of the loyalty bonus, you will receive your free minutes by email at the beginning of the month, in the form of a unique code that you activate in your application. The minutes will be debited at first from your minute balance as your rentals progress and are only valid for the current month.

(In a table) 

  • CityLover: 300 minutes driven = 30 minutes free
  • CityMaster: 500 minutes driven = 60 minutes free
  • CityLegend: 1000 minutes driven = 130 minutes free