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Period validity of your minutes

Minutes credited to your minute balance can expire or be valid for an unlimited time. The period of validity of your minutes is systematically displayed in the app, in the “Minutes balance” section.


Conditions for expiring minutes : 

  • Minutes credited after the purchase of a CityRider pack: the period of validity of the minutes is different depending on the pack and is systematically displayed during the purchase. 
  • Minutes credited with a promotional code: the expiry date of the code is displayed after adding it.
  • Minutes credited after a referral: these minutes expire within 30 days from the activation date of the referred friend.


Conditions for minutes without time limit : 

  • Minutes credited after the purchase of a CityRider pack before the update of the T&Cs on 7 April 2021
  • Minutes credited following a commercial gesture before the change of T&Cs on 7 April 2021.


💡 Please note 


Minutes credited following a referral or with a promotional code, before the T&Cs update on April 7th 2021, are valid until 30 September 2021 (unless they already have a specified expiry date, which remains the same).