Guide to safe riding on two-wheels

Before you go


If it's your first time on a moped, participate in one of the free introductory sessions

Riding a moped isn’t difficult but buzzing easily round the streets of Paris certainly doesn’t come naturally to everyone, especially on their first ride. If you’re a beginner and would like to improve your confidence in an urban environment and move round without a hitch, then merely reading this document will sadly not be enough to insure your absolute security and safety.

We highly recommend that you participate in one of the free driving lessons we offer if you have never ridden a motorised two-wheeler.


Always wear gloves, shoes and a coat

Proper equipment is essential when riding a motorised two-wheeler. It provides necessary protection.

  • Gloves should be properly fitted, watertight, and cover your hands and wrists. Thanks to the CE label certified gloves you will be able to recognise gloves which are suitable for riding a motorised two-wheeler.
  • For your feet, choose high-topped shoes which cover your ankles and reduce the exposure of your body as much as possible. Make sure you tie the laces tightly!
  • With regards to your coat, choose one that can be zipped or buttoned up so you don’t lose your balance if your coat flaps in the wind


On the road


Overtake on the left without weaving in between cars

It is essential to respect and comply with the rules of the road. Never overtake on the right, do not move forward in between vehicles when traffic lights are red, and always respect rights of way.

Make yourself visible

Avoid blind spots and make other road users aware of your presence

Be careful when riding in close proximity to heavy vehicles. Keep a safe distance from these vehicles and be particularly vigilant when overtaking them.

To make yourself more easily identifiable :

  • Opt for equipment with reflective tape and bright colours. A high-visibility vest is stored under the saddle for you to wear.
  • When riding on the road, it is advisable to place yourself two-thirds to the left in the lane of traffic in order to keep your view clear and remain away from potential hazards on the pavement.
  • It is safer not to remain directly behind another vehicle; if it were to brake suddenly, you would almost certainly run into it from the back.

Lane changing

Use your indicators and your mirrors

Always indicate any changes in direction in advance, regardless of the circumstances.

Use your mirrors as much as possible; before every manoeuvre, take a look in the mirror. They are helpful in every situation and will provide you with very useful information.

If in doubt, quickly turn your head to make sure that you can overtake or make a movement.


Try to predict other drivers' movements and keep your distance

Stay at least 25m behind vehicles in front of you and pass parked vehicles with a gap of at least 1.5m to avoid any surprises.

Learning to brake is essential. Braking is effective when both brakes are applied at once, adjusting the pressure exerted on the controls.

In an emergency situation which means you need to make a quick movement, look at where you want to go, not at the obstacle. The human brain is built in such a way that where you are looking is where you are naturally directed.


In bad weather, slow down and maintain a greater distance between yourself and other vehicles

When the weather is bad, it is essential to slow down and pay extra attention to all of your manoeuvres. Widen the distance between yourself and other vehicles, reduce your speed, consider over-taking with a wider berth.

Braking must be measured. Sudden braking will make you skid and maybe fall off. If the road is wet, never brake with only the front wheel, especially if your handlebars are not straight.

Avoid any slippery obstacles in your path, particularly white lines on the road, dead leaves and metal sheeting.

End of rental


Make sure you park properly

The moped is under your responsibility until you park. It’s very important to choose parking spots reserved for two-wheeled motor vehicles.

You will find those spots here:  Paris, Nice, Bordeaux
In Paris only : car parking spaces are free for all electric vehicles, with 2 or 4 wheels. Take good care however, to park at 90° to the kerb, at the end of the road, to avoid being blocked between two vehicles or run over.

Moped apron

Pull the black extension to the back of the saddle

The blue apron has a pocket in which you will find a black elastic extension. Open the zipper and pull it to the back of the saddle (metal bar). They are completely waterproof and protect the Cityscoot. It’s better for everyone 🙂


Physical restrictions

Do not rent a moped if you are not in a fit state to drive

Riding a two-wheeled motorised vehicle requires more physical and mental effort than driving a car.

You must never ride when tired, when under the effects of drugs or alcohol, or when prescription medication may make you drowsy and/or less vigilant.

Please check the quality of your vision before hiring a two-wheeler; it is the most important one of your senses needed for riding.

Phone / Earphones

Do not use your telephone and do not listen to music

Never try to remove your phone to answer or make a call or to look at messages. Your concentration is vital when riding, and your hands must be on the handlebars at all times.

Hands-free kits, earpieces and even headphones are prohibited for all road users including motorcyclists.

If you need to make a call, please stop away from the traffic lane and turn off the engine.

Any two-wheel user is right in the thick of the traffic and must therefore pay particular attention to the sounds around them to avoid being taken by surprise.

Tips and tricks


Find a Cityscoot more easily with Radar

Be notified as soon as a new moped is available near you! How? In the “Radar” tab of your application, simply enter your search criteria (perimeter, time, duration). You will then receive a notification as soon as a new Cityscoot becomes available and will be able to book it immediately.⚡


Use the apron to find your way

The apron wallet is not just a reminder of information or a card holder! It is touch-sensitive, you can slip your phone and your navigation app in it. You’ll never get lost!

Carry your belongings

A hook is available right under the apron

Unknown and yet so practical… Under the apron of your Cityscoot, just below the handlebar, a hook allows you to hang your bag or other briefcase.
You can take many things at your feet! Even a suitcase when you get to the train station 🙂

End your rental

Save time by ending your rental right on the handlebars

When you push the red button from “ON” to “OFF”, a countdown of 10 seconds starts. You can then finish your rental in two different ways:

In the app:

  • When the countdown is over and the dashboard is off, click on “END RENTAL”
  • On the Cityscoot handlebars: during the countdown, press the “FIN”/”FINE” button (next to the keyboard). If you do not do this while countdown, the moped will automatically pause.

Whatever the option, your rental is ended when the green light “LIBRE”/”LIBERO” appears. You will also receive a text message a few seconds later.


Earn free minutes of Cityscoot!

Share your Cityscoot sponsor code! You will find it in your personal space under “Mon Compte” > “Mes parrainages”
When you sponsor a friend, he/she gets free minutes and you as well! Good to know: you can sponsor as much as you want 🙂