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Try Cityscoot, the shared electric scooters in Paris, Nice, Milan and Rome!

Enjoy free minutes as you create your account using one of our promo codes.

With Cityscoot there is no subscription, no commitment: you create your account for free and start riding any scooters next to you.

Available Cityscoot
Promotional Codes

  • New

    First trip for free

    Get 30 free minutes to enjoy shared electric scooters

    EXPIRES : 30/04/2020

Rediscover the city with Cityscoot, an electric, shared and silent means of transport!
Thousands of scooters are available in Paris, Nice, Milan and Rome.
You save time on your travels and enjoy your first trip for free thanks to a promotional code.

Download the app!

Thousands of shared electric scooters in Paris, Nice, Milan and Rome

The best way to move in town 24/7

Thousands of shared electric scooters

Right from the app, book a scooter in 3 clicks and enjoy the freedom without limits, without polluting and without noise.




Unlock your Cityscoot, unlock your city

  • 1

    Find your Cityscoot

    There’s always one next to you! Spot it in the app.

  • 2

    Book it in 3 clicks

    You now have 10 minutes to get to the scoot. Unlock it with the 4-digits code you have in the app. The helmet is under the saddle. Enjoy your trip!

  • 3

    Ride in the city

    During your rental, you are free to have a break or go outside the Cityscoot Zone. You’ll need to get back to it to end the rental.

  • 4

    End your rental

    Once you are parked on an authorized public parking spot, pet your helmet under the saddle and end your rental in the app or on the scooter.

Always next to you

Find a green dot on the map: this is a Cityscoot currently available!
With the app, book it and enjoy the city.

How much does it cost?

No subscription, no commitment, you only pay when you drive!

0,29 €/min You are debited after your rental Your rentals are billed the month after
0,22 €/min You credit 100 minutes on your account for €22 You rentals are debited from your balance of prepaid minutes

Expired Cityscoot
Promotionnal Codes

  • 30 free minutes

    30 minutes for free in order to discover Cityscoot

    EXPIRES : 31/05/2019


  • Join the movement

    Try a new means of transport

    EXPIRES : 31/05/2019


  • 30 minutes for free

    30 minutes for free to discover shared electric scooters

    EXPIRES : 30/09/2019